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A Little About Me

I won't be going online often (maybe weekends)but I will reply to you as soon as I can log in. We can talk about Hey!Say!Jump or you can also invite me to some Jpop group or anime.By the way,my nickname is really kimmy with two m's(just letting you know because someone has already the username kimmy06).

I just started loving japanese when my classmate showed me a picture of some members of the former group Hey!say! 7 in a japanese magazine and letting me hear the song Hey!Say!. At first I only like Hey!say! jump but now I'm starting to like all artists of Jhonny's entertainment. I also like jdramas, kdramas, jpop,taiwan's music and some kpop music. Anime is also fun to watch like School Rumble and ouran highschool host club. I'm more into KPOP now and has not updated my journals. GOMEN!
I am shy in real life but I feel much comfortable here talking to other fans.

I don't know much about this but I joined this sites....IT's fun..you should join too(FOR J&K fans only)
1. www.littlix.com (J.E. portal)-kimy06
As you can see the link Creations down here, you can find all my works there.It includes Hey!Say!Jump,B.I.Shadow,Arashi,NewS, and Kattun.Most of it are icons but you can also find banners and headers.Enjoy!

credits for the pictures I used:f_fantasymonicajust_mine23karmoisin

Comment and Credit if you’re gonna use or get some of my works:)

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